Youth Sports Rewind proudly presents:

“Smart Scout”

 Our Online Game Film Play Tagging Module!


Track Formations, Down and Distance, Field Position, Gaps, and Passing Zones

Quickly Tag Your Plays as Offense, Defense Special Teams or Trash

Email Play Clips To Your Players and Coaches

Chart Your Opponents Tendencies Quickly And Be Prepared!

Complete Playback Speed Control

Automatically Cuts Game Film into Separate Plays for You!

Divide the work up between your entire Coaching Staff


Getting Started:


Click the “Create All New Play Clips” Button (This generally will take a couple of minutes.

(You may prompted to try again in a few minutes if the system needs to cut the video)

This will create a playlist of Game clips which you may now Tag.

The top item in the playlist is the Full Video.  Play it if you want to cut your own play clips by clicking the “Start Recording” button.


Click on Game Clip #1 and then click the “Show Tags” Button inside of the video area

Click the appropriate On Screen Tag for the Play and It will be saved.

If you look in the bottom segment of the page “Current Play Info”, you will see your Tag Definition. You can fill in all or none of the additional info if you choose.

After you have tagged your plays, click the “Refresh Play List” button which updates the playlist with your Tagged Info.




Finding Tendencies

After you have Tagged your plays, you can filter/search them based on any combination of information you entered.
 For example: Show all run plays run on 1st down, Show all plays run on 3rd and short. Show all run plays Left or Right or Middle, etc.
You can literally create a tendency sheet for your Defensive Coordinator or Spotter to use during the game.

This is why it’s valuable to enter as much information about each play as possible.